on Global Journeys & Markets

Roughly 1.2 Billion vehicles operate on the planet every day. (AAA)

Every day, there are some 70M worldwide driving trips.

The average trip duration globally is 15 minutes long.

The average trip distance is 15 Kilometers / 9.3 miles.

The average speed is 30 km/h (or) 18.6 mph.

On average, a person spends 4.5 years in a vehicle over their lifetime.

               Source: Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS)

30% + of all global traffic in cities is people circling and looking for parking.

There are 486 EV manufactures registered in China (Bloomberg, 04-2019)

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on Journeys in the United States

Each American on average travels 46 minutes per day. (AAA)

In the US, drivers spend roughly 160M hours on the road every day. That averages to each driver spending seven 40-hour weeks behind the wheel each year. (AAA)

More than 86% of U.S. households have at least one car for every driver in the home and 28% report having more cars than drivers. (AAA)

Over 66% of total driving trips are done with drivers alone in the vehicle (no passengers). (AAA)

14% of incorporated land in LA is used for parking.

Shared mobility (ride sharing and car sharing) in the US nearly doubled form 8.2M in 2014 to 15M in 2016.


on Distraction & Accidents

Drivers are distracted on 53% of their trips.

The average duration of a distracted driving event is 94 seconds.

               Source: Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS)

The average duration of a glance to a phone while driving is 5 seconds.

While driving at 55mph, this is the equivalent of traveling the length of a football field.

Accidents kill over 1.25 Million people globally every year.

In the USA in 2015, there were 13M collisions of which 1.7M caused injuries.

2.4m people were injured and 35k people were killed.

Something over 90% of all accidents are now caused by driver error, and a third of fatal accidents in the US involved alcohol.

46% of adults admit to reading or sending text messages while driving. (Pew Research Center)

8% of drivers admit to driving with a pet on their lap. (Nationwide)

The US government estimates a cost of $240bn a year across property damage itself, medical and emergency services, legal, lost work and congestion.

For comparison, US car sales in 2016 were around $600bn.

In 2018, riders took 38.5 million shared scooter rides and 36.5 million shared docked bike rides. (National Association of City Transport)

on Human Behavior

On average, we shift our attention every 45 seconds at work.

We switch tasks on a computer 566 times / day.

We check email on average 74 times / day.

Nobody says I need less sleep so I can get more Facebook time. 😉

US Auto brands are trusted 4X more than US Tech brands. (Kantar TNS)

Only in China are domestic Tech brands equal in trust to domestic Auto brands. (Kantar TNS)

US Auto brands are not completely trusted to bring flawless autonomous vehicles to the US roads.

23% of people feel they have to leave the home to find time alone. (IKEA “Life at Home” report, 2018)

Almost half of Americans (45%) go to their car to have a private moment to themselves. (IKEA)

29% of people do not feel at home where they live. (IKEA)

On average, we store 5-7 top-of-mind brands for specific product categories (i.e., first considerations for sneakers, cars, computers, etc.).


on Vehicles & Customer Awareness

By 2025, 100% of new cars shipped will be connected - that's approx. 600M connected vehicles on the roads.

By 2018, 140M connected vehicles will be on the roads.

46% of folks driving a connected car in the US do not even know that it is connected. (2017, Kantar TNS)

And of those that know that their car is connected, 25% do not use any of the connected features. (Kantar TNS)

Over 60% of new car buyers say that Technology (particularly Safety features) is a key purchase factor. (Deloitte)

Individually owned cars are used only 4% of the time. (Rethink Transportation, ’17) Within 10 years, continual usage shared vehicles will be in use 10x that of an individually owned vehicle. 

Transportation as a Service (TaaS) provided > 500K rides in NYC in 2016. That is 3X greater than the previous year.


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