Guide Teams with Roadmaps


Is your aspirational product and service roadmap clearly defined?

Are technology, business, consumer strategy and brand stakeholders bought-in and aligned?

Is it clear as to what will make your future product and service systems unique and compelling? Do you know what to design now, in the near-term and in the long-term?

Let me help you create and define core product and service experience attributes for your company (aka, the DNA of your consumer interactions). Bridge across organizations and division silos to craft a unified, user-informed customer journey and experience roadmap. We will define and validate multi-year plans that are informed by, co-developed by and endorsed by cross-disciplinary internal and external teams.

It is essential to set the direction for an evolution within your enterprise from designing features to designing for experiences while positioning the brand and defining what the company will be known for in the years to come. Also define principles, create road maps and most importantly, create immersive interactive demonstrations of what is next for your company’s products, services and emotional systems. As Allan Cooper likes to put it, "The future is in the hands of the hands-on."

Let me help you frame and model the delivery of experience engineering plans and schematics – including journey maps, ecosystem stack-ups, partner network mapping, interaction and transaction flows and more.


Product, Service & Emotional System - Design Consulting & Collaboration