Vendor and Supplier Partnership, Sourcing and Management


Are you working with the best research, (physical & digital) design, fabrication and production suppliers in the industry?

Do your suppliers consistently step-up, embrace new challenges and over-deliver? Do they continuously bring new references and analogous materials to your attention? Beyond delivering to tasks and deadlines, are you learning from them?

Our automotive and mobility company connection are broad and deep covering tier 1 and 2 suppliers, primary content and function providers, automotive practices within leading software and platform providers, business consultants, industry analysts and global consumer research, design and fabrication firms.

Most importantly, let us introduce you to and facilitate interactions with the Principles and Automotive Practice Leads of leading global UX and Design firms that have expertise and proven track records of successful automotive system delivery.

Do you have a clear vision of the future and are you designing, experimenting and learning towards it? We can facilitate engagements with them to refine and enhance your existing products and services and define and model what is next.



Product, Service & Emotional Systems Design Consulting & Collaboration - for the Automotive & Mobility industries