Define What Comes Next


Are your cross-disciplinary teams tackling the design challenges of “what comes next” in a systematic and orderly way?

Do they have a measurement framework to progress towards success?

Let me help you structure and execute strategic design planning projects like next-gen cockpit configurations, HMI systems, digital assistants, component design and the progression of an interactive dialogue from cruise control to Level 4 autonomy.

I understand the future of electrified vehicles and systems – from economic drive coaching to range communication and power-flow consumption to charging and more – as integral ingredients of your future vehicles, mobility services and related systems. Do you need to evolve your current methods of strategic planning, design definition, supplier interaction and component and system validation?

I understand the principles and techniques of planning and validating the usefulness, usability, desirability and deep multi-sensory resonance of interaction with your systems. I can help you in developing methods and measures to ensure success through your traditional and evolving product and service development processes and efforts.


Product, Service & Emotional System - Design Consulting & Collaboration