Emotional Product, Service, System - Design & Collaboration

Design & Prototype the Next Concept Vehicle & Experiences

Do you need to motivate your internal teams and at the same time disrupt the industry with a unique vision of the future?

Internal organization inspiration and industry-wide introspection comes from a glimpse of the design of "what could be" next and "what if". Nothing tells a story or conveys meaning like a physical interactive vision model. It is the interpretation of a company's design and experience strategy and an articulation of what that company will be known for and how it will stand apart from its competitors. Let me compliment and boost your team with a fresh eyes approach, creative energy, deep industry knowledge and experience of what can be real, plus a host of cross-disciplinary design best practices and lessons learned.

I will work with your team to conceptualize, model, prototype and demonstrate the next-generation of concept vehicles, particularly their advanced interior layouts, interactive systems and related mobility services. Blend design, technology, interaction, content and service into an aspirational vision that addresses many of the questions of the times.

How do you take the best of Eastern and Western culture digital sensibilities and make a truly global platform?

What’s next in mobile integration – of app ecosystems, Car Play, Android Auto, Baidu Car Life and everything else coming?

Have you captured, aggregated, synthesized and modeled human expectation and behavior in the Electrification (EV) and Autonomous vehicle (AV) spaces?

How are users going to understand the states and progressions of driver assistance systems - from levels 1-4 ?

How will your smart systems and digital assistant(s) come to life? How will you leverage and integrate existing intelligent agents?

How will you extend exterior form, lighting and color design cues to the interior interactive space?

What does it mean to design for experiences first? What are the best practices, partners and skill sets required?

“Gosh that is smart and cool. How did they do that? I definitely need one of those.” Comments overheard on the Auto Show X floor from visitors experiencing the next-gen vehicle, services and systems.