I bring a broad and deep network of skilled professionals to assist with strategic and tactical needs. Ensure that you are challenging past assumptions and working with an experienced and capable team with a global perspective. The goal is to know more, create more, learn more and grow your business.


Master Fabricators

Application Developers

Biometric Experts

Cultural Design Experts

Business & Industry Analysts

Navigation Providers

Music & Entertainment Providers

Accessory Providers

Telecommunication OEMs

Topic Specific Start-ups

Global UX & Design Firms

Rapid Prototypers & Testers

Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers


Digital Design Firms

Contextual & Qualitative Research Experts

Anthropologists & Psychologists

Storyboard Artists & Storytellers

Software Integrators

Analytics Providers


Emotional Product, Service, System - Design Consulting & Collaboration